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Currently there is NO CHARGE to be listed or have a link to your website from this site.  This website is provided as a means for Sacramento residents and visitors to be able to find local artists, galleries and related venues.

You can be listed in several ways:

We have a gallery of local artists.  To be included in this gallery, please email us at   You should include at least one photograph of yourself, a brief biography and up to eight (8) photos of your works.  We will create an artist page for you.  If you have a website or contact information (or galleries that you are currently showing at, include that as well).  As of January 2007 we are working on compiling this artist database.  We hope to premier it in the next three months.

We can list your gallery or venue showing.  Again, please email us a brief write up on your show, at least two (2) and no more than four (4) photographs of your work(s), event AND GALLERY name, location (address), a contact phone, hours and date(s).

We can consider you for featuring as our "artist of the month", we will select you RANDOMLY from submissions for gallery/venue show(s)/showings. 

There is currently NO ADVERTISING FEES.  Zanzibar Tribal Art Gallery (owned by Scott Farrell and Josh Varner) currently underwrite the entire cost of this website.  We are currently (January 07) working to completely re-design this website and provide updated information, maps and coming soon event details.      

please note:  as this is a volunteer organization, this email may not be checked more than once or twice per month- if it is important that you contact us and need an IMMEDIATE response, call Zanzibar at (916) 443-2057 and ask to speak to Scott (tell them you're a gallery and its regarding Second Saturday).   If he's not available, please leave a number, contact information and the reason for your call.  PLEASE carefully look through this website and PLEASE read the information here - odds are 99% of your questions will be answered if you simply take a few minutes to read the website!



"How can I find a gallery to show my art"  -  this is probably the #1 question we get.  First off, congratulations on your accomplishments as an artist.  Now comes the hard part:  finding someone who appreciates your art and is willing to display and promote it!

There is currently no public display space for Second Saturdays.  Some galleries and venues allow (if you ASK) some artists to set up booths or tables outside of their existing galleries, however this is the EXCEPTION rather than the rule.

To have your art seen, you must make contact with the myriad number of galleries and venues that display art (including galleries, restaurants, coffee houses, real estate offices, hair salons and other venues that are open for Second Saturday Art Walks.  MAKE SOME CALLS & HIT THE PAVEMENT!

Sounds simple, but many artists think they'll create art and the galleries will come to them (they won't - the owners or managers are far too busy to seek you out).  SHOW YOUR ARTWORK.  PROMOTE YOURSELF.  MAKE AN APPOINTMENT or CALL FIRST to the various galleries.  Familiarize yourself with the different galleries and decide which ones might be a good fit for your artworks.  We will be working on having a "NEW ARTIST" Venue on this website for artists looking for representation.. but that may be a ways away....

How do you find a venue?  Well, that's the tough part.  Hit the sidewalk!  Seriously, getting out and meeting the gallery or venue owners or managers with a portfolio of your work is the best way.  The WORST day to do this is Second Saturday - most galleries and venue's busiest day.  The best days?  During the week or during regular business hours.  Check out our MAP or list of galleries from our home page for a place to start.  Its usually a good idea to CALL FIRST, but sometimes just dropping in works well too.  RESPECT that CLIENTS COME FIRST so be prepared to be patient and understand if a gallery owner says "Thanks, but no thanks" - you might be a great artist, they just might not have room for you or you might not be a good fit for their gallery. 

Different galleries/venues represent different types of artists.  Some specialize in new and upcoming artists while others only show established artists.  Most galleries will FEATURE an artist and have other artists works as filler.  You don't have to have 50 pieces to show.. but usually at least a half dozen or more.

The number ONE complaint we hear from gallery owners is that artist are, well, artists - and are flakey.  They promise to have works done by a specific deadline and miss this deadline.  If you want to be respected, you should be professional.


    SOME TIPS:  



Remember - many galleries book specific shows or artists MONTHS in advance - don't expect your own show or to get pieces into a gallery if you show up three days before the art walk.

Every gallery is different, but many galleries will promote you and display your artwork and then take a percentage of the retail price of your works.  Some galleries allow you to price your works, others prefer to set the prices themselves.  Be flexible and allow some leeway on price(s).

Be realistic and understand that owning and running a Gallery is a daunting and expensive endeavor.  FEW galleries are profitable and most own galleries because they LOVE the artwork - not to become rich!  Remember that the cost to do a mailing or place ads in newspapers is expensive and can cost the gallery owner hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Also, pick up your artworks when the show is over - most galleries have limited storage space

Understand that art buyers are strange creatures... one never knows WHAT will sell or when.  Don't spend the money before you have it.  Yes, people do say they're going to buy pieces then the deal falls through - that's just life in the art world. 

HELP THE GALLERY OR VENUE PROMOTE YOU ... don't expect the gallery or venue to completely promote you.. you must promote yourself as well.  Scroll down for some ideas how to promote yourself...

Don't just invite friends to your opening who will eat all the food and stand around the whole night... invite friends, sure ... but also let them know this is not your private party - its a business (you can always have a private event just for family and friends...).  Second Saturdays is about having as many people as possible see your works!  To that end, be friendly and available and able to answer questions.

If asked to do a show, have a brief biography of yourself, at least one good picture of you, and photos of your works available for the gallery long before the show debuts! 


Consider contacting Abundio Montez of Phoenix Gallery at the corner of 18th and L Streets.  Make an appointment!!

Phantom Galleries as part of the Uptown experiment is always looking for new artists - performing, visual, or experimental for future shows - call 925-6773 or email us at to request your Artist Packet today.

N MAGAZINE, a free monthly publication, is seeking artists to feature on its cover. Artists should have some connection to the Natomas area but need not live there. The full-color magazine is mailed free to over 24,000 businesses and homes in Natomas. Artwork samples (along with contact information) can be submitted to More information is available online at



Contact us with PHOTOS of art/artisans, biography of artist(s), EVENT DATES & TIMES and any essential information we might need. KEEP IT SIMPLE and PHOTOS will always move you to the top!  REMEMBER to include EACH TIME Gallery name, location (address), phone, artist name, photos and dates/times! email to:    


We encourage galleries to produce press releases and submit them to the following local papers & websites:

Sacramento News & Review

The News & Review prints a two page map & listing of galleries and has advertising space available.  This map is published in the Sacramento weekly News & Review on the Thursday BEFORE Second Saturday.  Listing(s) for galleries and placement on the map is free.  Advertising is available. 

To be listed on the ARTWALK MAP:

Contact Melinda Castro


1015 20th Street

Sacramento CA  95814

(916) 498-1234 ext 1308

(916) 498-7920 FAX

To be listed in the Calendar (to have an event considered for listing, submit pertinent information to:

Calendar Editor


1015 20th Street

Sacramento CA  95814

or email:

Be sure to include gallery name, date of show, time(s), location, cost, contact information, and a photo, if available.  Information MUST be received TWO WEEKS before prior to the issue you wish the listing to appear. 


Sacramento Bee

The Bee, which until April 2006 printed a map and offered a page in the Friday ticket section promoting Second Saturday is no longer offering this special advertising section (they were not making enough money they said).  They also accept non-paid submissions (press releases, event/show/exhibition notices) for listings in Ticket and on their website(s) (see below).  Catherine Charlton (   (916) 321-1436 -  has a SPECIAL PRICE for galleries for B&W ads in Friday's SCENE - $54.95 per column inch (a column is 1.813 inches, 2 columns is 3.75" wide).  So an ad that is 2" tall by 3.75" wide is only $220.00!  This is a SIGNIFICANT discount from the Bees rack rates.  Color, for the time being, is WAYYY out of reach.  Something like $1550.00 extra.  That MAY change soon.

Catherine Charlton - Gallery Ad rate in Friday's Ticket  (916) 321-1436

Victoria Dalkey, Bee art correspondent (916) 321-1001

Fax press releases to:  (916) 321-1109

Send press releases to this address at least two weeks before an event.


You can create a Gallery page and list upcoming events and even put up photos at the above addresses!




Published bi-monthly and distributed to dozens of local hotels, this publication offers advertising.  We are currently in discussions of having a permanent Sacramento Gallery Page where galleries that pay a small fee will be listed and or have an ad at a very reasonable rate.  Contact us or Bob Nickerson if you're interested!   Scott Farrell of Zanzibar Tribal Art Gallery wholeheartedly believes that advertising with Travel Host is the most effective advertising he does!  Zanzibar receives a lot of out of town patrons who found out about us by seeing TRAVELHOST in their hotel rooms. 

Bob Nickerson
Owner/Associate Publisher
TRAVELHOST of Northern California

P.O. Box 601147
Sacramento, CA  95860-1147
Office:   (916)-974-7508
Mobile: (530)-304-0179
Fax:       (916)-974-7518



Has a community calendar that accepts Second Saturday and other events.   Advertising is available.  This is a WONDERFUL resource for any galleries, stores, restaurants or other businesses in Midtown Sacramento!  We can't recommend it enough!

Office: (916) 455-0460

Julia Seebach
Direct: 916.595.8850

Brian Fischer

Sales/Business Development
Direct: 916.996.8655



While this site is currently free, we are currently re-evaluating the possibility of doing some gallery co-operative advertising both on this site and in print as well as direct mail. 

Midtown and Downtown specialty stores have recently received a lot of publicity for collective promotions and we would welcome dialog from any and all Gallery and venue owners and managers about having shared advertising and or mailings to promote Second Saturday Art Walks as well as art galleries the rest of the month. 

In the past we've discussed going to the local papers and publications as a group to get better advertising rates, discussed doing full-page co-op ads where a variety of Galleries have individual ads and a map, hiring of vans and or vehicles to ferry people from one gallery or area to another, etc.    We're all busy people and everyone has reasons NOT to promote their competition... but there are MORE reasons to promote the arts in Sacramento as a unified voice. 

We are currently in discussions with Bob Nickerson of TRAVELHOST (a local magazine, placed in hotel rooms that promotes Sacramento sights and businesses) to do a Gallery Page and Map in this publication to promote gallery every day of the month and not just on Second Saturdays.  There would be a charge to participating galleries.

At this stage the Sacramento Second Saturday Gallery Association is loosely organized and we would like to reorganize and have regular meetings and brainstorming sessions.  We're ALL busy business people but many of us honestly feel that what is good for one gallery is good for all of us.   We SHOULD cooperate and help each other out for the benefit of the arts community.  We're planning a mailing in the spring to suggest having an open meeting open to anyone who would like to participate.  Details coming soon or contact Scott Farrell at   for more information.




If you are serving alcoholic beverages during your reception and or Second Saturday Art walk, there are specific guidelines and you must secure a temporary permit (for a fee).  Please note that the Sacramento Police Department does spot checks and will issue tickets/fines if you do not secure the proper permits and or are serving alcoholic beverages contrary the rules and regulations of Sacramento city and county. 


Normally you must apply for a permit AT LEAST 15 DAYS prior to the event.  Officially, the organization applying for the permit MUST BE A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, however our understanding is the ABC has made an exception for Second Saturday events and allows those participating to use the non-profit status of the Sacramento Art's Council.  The only requirement is that the Sac. Art Council needs to approve the use of their non-profit status and the businesses must give any/all proceeds (if you charge a cover fee) from the sales of alcohol to the Sac. Art Council's non-profit funds. 

You can call (916) 443-0700 to apply for a "One-day ABC Permit".  Once approved by the Police Department, the applicant goes to the State ABC office located on Power Inn Rd for final approval and issuance of the actual permit.

You can also Call Heather at Friends of Art Commission, (916) 566-3992 - She'll help you get the forms to fill out, get it approved by the Police Department then over to ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control).  Don't chance it!  Get a permit!  If you have ANY questions, you can also contact:

The Sacramento Police Department offers free training in regards to the sales of  alcohol. Valuable information is covered, such as open containers in public, serving obviously intoxicated patrons, how to properly check ID's,
etc. If there is a large enough group (20+), we can arrange a special training session just for the servers of wine at Second Saturday events.

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a special training session, please call Jon Houston at 433-0704.

Jon Houston
ABC Liaison
Office Of Operations - Metro Division
Sacramento Police Department
(916) 433-0704




Currently the following permits are required:  If you are serving alcoholic beverages (wine or other), you have a band performing OUTSIDE your business or you plan on having a booth or space outside a business and sell items other than what that business usually sells. (other than the licenses and or permits required for business in Sacramento City and or County (see below), however this may change.   If you are holding an event in a public area or your event involves anything that might be considered questionable, you may wish to contact the City and or County of Sacramento to verify that you will not need any type of event permit.  It is your sole responsibility to look into this!

If you're JUST OPENING a gallery/store in Sacramento, there are a number of permits and licenses that you must have, along with sign permits, etc.  While confusing, the city of Sacramento has prepared the following PDF document to guide you through the red tape (requires Adobe PDF reader available for free by clicking here)

We encourage ALL Galleries and Venues to have secured the required insurance and liability coverage required for retail businesses. 

If you are going to be selling art you must either collect sales tax and or include the sales tax in the retail price of your artwork (you are then responsible for paying the sales tax to the Board of Equalization.  In most cases securing a sellers permit is free and just requires you to visit the Board of Equalization off Hwy 50 & Power Inn Road.  For more information:



It is the webmasters and the Sacramento Second Saturday Gallery Association's intent that this website be for the general use of Sacramento residents and visitors to find local galleries and venues participating in the Second Saturday Art Walk.  While we make all reasonable attempts to include anyone who contacts us, inclusion is at our discretion and we reserve the right to exclude anyone. 

We attempt to make Second Saturday and its various venues accessible to all.  In our free gallery listing(s) we typically list galleries alphabetically.  We also reserve the write to promote certain galleries and venues over others that may contribute in some way to the upkeep of this website and or provide advertising dollars.  If you are interested in being featured and or assisting with this website, all assistance will be welcomed.   

We will not knowingly exclude anyone - however we are an ALL VOLUNTEER staff and it may take us a month or more to update this website once you contact us.  We certainly welcome thoughts, comments and suggestions. 

This website is a WORK IN PROGRESS - we are working hard to make it better and to expand the maps and services we offer.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE.   If you have specific skills that you are interested in helping us, please contact us!

To the best of our knowledge, all photographs and inclusions in this website are original and we have gained permissions to use them.  If you feel that any content is not original and or your property, please contact us and we will remove it.  We SINCERELY appreciate our various galleries', photographer's and artist's original content submissions and thank them for their use. 



This website is a work in progress.  If you didn't find what you were looking for, please feel free to contact us at: and or (916) 443-2057 (ask for Scott Farrell).