Media Contact Page  

The Sacramento Second Saturday Gallery Association is a loosely organized collective of galleries, venues and or gallery and store owners who regularly participate in Sacramento's monthly art walk. 

The goal of the association and this website is to promote to the general public the artwalk and access to art in Sacramento.  This website will provide information to consumers about the various galleries and events in Sacramento to the best of our ability and knowledge.  The website and association (in its current form) were the brainchild of gallery owner Scott Farrell who actively maintains the website. 

Scott Farrell and other gallery owners and participating artists are available for interviews, photo-sessions and general information to the media.   If you would like more information or history on Second Saturday, please contact Scott Farrell at:  please note that this email may only be checked infrequently - if you need a prompt response, please call (916) 443-2057.  Ask for Scott Farrell and if he's not available, leave your contact information and that its regarding this website. 

We are currently working on media kits that will provide the history of the artwalk in Sacramento as well as monthly featured artists and galleries. 

If you would like a HISTORY of Sacramento's Second Saturday, Artist or Gallery Contacts, etc, please let us know!  :)

For More Information Contact:

Sacramento Second Saturday Gallery Association c/o Scott Farrell
1731 L Street   Sacramento CA  95814
Tel:  916.443-2057
FAX: 916.443.5601 (during business hours 11am-6pm Mon-Sat)